Preventing Basement Flooding

Installed Storm and Sanitary Lines

Properly Installed Storm and Sanitary Lines in a Home

Pride Plumbing’s team of plumbing technicians are the best in the business when it comes to handling basement flooding in Rochester and surrounding neighborhoods. But as much as we love being there in an emergency, we hate to see our customers struggling with the aftermath of a flooded basement. Let us help prevent disaster before it strikes, and call us today to have your homes’ sanitary and storm drains visually inspected now to save yourself the heartache of a flooded basement later.

Our leading edge video inspection service lets you know if there are cracks and breaks in your lines, or roots and clogs impeding the flow of water and sewage away from your house. Having plain old storm water backup into your basement is bad enough, but did you know that the potential also exists for sewage to backup as well? Check out this article about a home in Henrietta that experienced this very situation. It can happen and when it does, it is stressful and costly to resolve. Think you can’t afford a quality video inspection? Let us give you and upfront quote, then compare it to the cost of flood damage repair. We think you’ll agree the benefits far outweigh the cost!

Rigid SeeSnake Technology

Pride Plumbing Uses Video Inspection to View Storm and Sanitary Drain Lines

Benefits of Video Inspection

Pride Plumbing of Rochester uses Ridgid video inspection equipment to visually inspect the insides of your homes’ drain pipes. The photo on the left shows Sam, our all- star ‘underground guy’, using the Ridgid SeeSnake video inspection equipment on a home in Brighton. Use of the video inspection camera was incredibly effectual in determining that the flooding in our customers home was due to clogged and broken drain tile in the basement, and storm drains illegally connected to the sanitary drains. Our crew was able to provide the homeowner visual documentation of the issues below ground that were causing the basement to flood. The camera showed severe blockage due to mud and roots infiltrating the lines. They were also able to map out where on the property the storm and sewage drains were located, and how to best rectify the situation cleanly and quickly, saving the customer time and money.

Illegal Storm Drain connected to Sewer Drain

Storm Drains Connected Illegally to Sewer Drain Causing Dangerous Potential Flooding


Since Sam was able to visually inspect and locate the storm drains with the video inspection equipment, any digging that had to be done could be executed with minimal disruption to the customers beautifully landscaped yard and bricked walkways. He and Zach masterfully repaired the drainage system by inspecting the lines and determining where they were illegally connected, removing an old style, underground storm trap and replacing it with new, straight pipe directed into the appropriate storm drain. They also used a cutting edge water jetting machine to clear the existing drain tile of mud and roots. This not only restored proper drainage for the home, but by disconnecting the storm drains from the sanitary drain line, it was brought back into compliance with the local building code as well.

Excavating for New Sump Pump

Excavating for New Sump Pump



Removal of Excavated Dirt

Tidy Removal of Excavated Dirt

While Sam and Zach were busy outside, Gus was inside expertly installing a brand new sump crock, sump pump and a battery backup sump system with an alarm. The hole for the crock was carefully dug once the area had been cordoned off and protected to contain debris and protect the customers home. The excavated dirt from where the crock will be placed was removed from the basement in buckets, and the new crock installed atop crushed stone.  The water from the homes’ existing drain tile is now appropriately directed into the new crock, then pumped out of the house via newly installed discharge pipes. These discharge pipes tie into the homes now repaired and well functioning storm drain and water is carried safely away, eliminating the potential for flooding.

Protected Lawns

Protecting Lawns and Walkways Is a Priority

The unfortunate reality is Pride Plumbing responds to calls like this several times a week. Most of the time, these floods could’ve been avoided with some pretty simple preventative steps like a Pride Plumbing video inspection and some preventative maintenance. At the very least, the installation of back water and check valves should be performed.

Also be aware: If you’re considering the purchase of a home in the Rochester area, a general home inspection does not include a video inspection of the drain lines. If you have reason to believe there might be potential for flooding (i.e.: water marks on walls, mold and mildew issues, sand or silt on basement floors, or the home is in a low lying area) call us. With our video inspection service we can offer you assurance that the drainage system is clear and functioning properly. If it’s not we can fix it. Understanding how sanitary and storm drains work is key. If you live in the City of Rochester check this out for an explanation of the city’s combined system.

If you have any questions or concerns about the drainage system in your home or a home you’re considering for purchase, call your neighborhood plumber, Pride Plumbing at 585-272-7272 or click here to schedule an appointment online. We would be happy to add you to our growing list of happy customers in the city of Rochester, Monroe county and Ontario county!