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Hose Bibb Leaking
What is a hose bibb? A hose bibb is an outdoor faucet/outdoor water spigot, which allows for a hose attachment. Maybe you didn’t get a chance to prepare your hose bibb for the winter and now as you prepare to garden, fill the pool, wash your car, or play in […]

Preparing for Spring – Hose Bibb 101

Spring Cleaning Your Plumbing
Happy Spring! With the spring cleaning season upon us, we would like to remind you not to forget about the plumbing that needs some routine cleaning/maintenance as well. Incorporating plumbing into your annual spring cleaning will help your plumbing fixtures to perform better, more efficiently, and last longer. Here are […]

Spring Cleaning Your Plumbing

Charlie Toilet
Toilets are basic fixtures in every bathroom that generally only use up to two gallons of water per flush, but the plumbers at Pride Plumbing of Rochester want customers to understand the consequences of a simple leak both environmentally and economically. A toilet that is intermittently or constantly “running”, means […]

How Faulty Toilets Can Cost You Money Each Month

Clogged Toilet What Not To Flush
The pipes in our home are only built to handle human waste and toilet paper. Although we may think that our toilets can handle anything that will fit down the drain, it can cause major plumbing problems in the long run. Items to avoid flushing down the toilet: Baby wipes […]

What NOT to Flush Down the Toilet

Trees after Storm Power Outage
Homes in the Rochester, NY area are subject to power loss due to the current weather conditions. We are often at risk of power outages due to wind storms, ice storms, fallen trees, and even car accidents. Many plumbing functions rely on electricity, but there are steps that you can […]

Plumbing Preparation for Power Outages

Liberty Backup Sump Pump Installation
You may have installed a sump pump to protect your home and possessions from incurring water damage from snow melt or rainfall. However, a single sump pump may not be enough. Even the best-maintained pump is prone to failure. To avoid substantial damage, you should have a backup sump pump and alarm […]

Why You Should Install a Backup Sump Pump

plumber parts rochester ny
Are you in need of repair parts for your plumbing project? Owners of older homes often experience challenges when it comes to replacing hard-to-find parts. Some plumbing fixtures can be difficult to find, particularly vintage and specialty parts not commonly found in major hardware store chains. If you own a […]

Three Sources of Plumbing Repair Parts