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Inside of a Tankless Hot Water Heater
Flushing a Tankless Water Heater Pride Plumbing of Rochester flushed a tankless hot water heater in Pittsford, NY. Below are some common questions regarding the care and maintenance for tankless water heaters. What is a tankless water heater? Also called an on-demand water heater, tankless water heaters instantly heat water […]

Flushing a Tankless Water Heater

Sewers & Drains
Drain cleaner provides a “quick” fix, but using this product can create a bigger problem in the long run. Rather than using liquid drain cleaners, Pride Plumbing always recommends using a licensed plumber to perform drain cleaning services, whether it is for a shower drain, a clogged sink or unclogging […]

The Danger of Liquid Drain Cleaner

Hose Bibb Leaking
What is a hose bibb? A hose bibb is an outdoor faucet/outdoor water spigot, which allows for a hose attachment. Maybe you didn’t get a chance to prepare your hose bibb for the winter and now as you prepare to garden, fill the pool, wash your car, or play in […]

Preparing for Spring – Hose Bibb 101

Spring Cleaning Your Plumbing
Happy Spring! With the spring cleaning season upon us, we would like to remind you not to forget about the plumbing that needs some routine cleaning/maintenance as well. Incorporating plumbing into your annual spring cleaning will help your plumbing fixtures to perform better, more efficiently, and last longer. Here are […]

Spring Cleaning Your Plumbing

Charlie Toilet
Toilets are basic fixtures in every bathroom that generally only use up to two gallons of water per flush, but the plumbers at Pride Plumbing of Rochester want customers to understand the consequences of a simple leak both environmentally and economically. A toilet that is intermittently or constantly “running”, means […]

How Faulty Toilets Can Cost You Money Each Month

Clogged Toilet What Not To Flush
The pipes in our home are only built to handle human waste and toilet paper. Although we may think that our toilets can handle anything that will fit down the drain, it can cause major plumbing problems in the long run. Items to avoid flushing down the toilet: Baby wipes […]

What NOT to Flush Down the Toilet

Trees after Storm Power Outage
Homes in the Rochester, NY area are subject to power loss due to the current weather conditions. We are often at risk of power outages due to wind storms, ice storms, fallen trees, and even car accidents. Many plumbing functions rely on electricity, but there are steps that you can […]

Plumbing Preparation for Power Outages

Liberty Backup Sump Pump Installation
You may have installed a sump pump to protect your home and possessions from incurring water damage from snow melt or rainfall. However, a single sump pump may not be enough. Even the best-maintained pump is prone to failure. To avoid substantial damage, you should have a backup sump pump and alarm […]

Why You Should Install a Backup Sump Pump

Bentley Unclogging a Toilet
As a pet owner, you may expect your fur baby to rummage through the trash, leave traces of their hair throughout the household, and even chew through some household items. What you may not think of is how the plumbing in your home could be impacted by your beloved pet […]

Pet-Proof Your Plumbing

plumber rochester water
Out of all the utility bills you pay every month, water usage can really sneak up on you and make for an unpleasant surprise once your invoice rolls in. Outwardly cheap, superficially abundant, and very much a necessary part of daily life, some of us tend to use a little […]

5 Ways to Conserve Water

plumber rochester ny how to choose
With dozens of different options to choose from throughout the city, finding a plumber in Rochester NY is a fairly simple task. Finding the right man for the job, however, can be a totally different story. With different levels of experience, varying pricing methods and unpredictable proximities to your home, […]

How To Choose The Right Plumber

Modern Water Heater Set
A Brief Explanation For Cold Weather Durability It’s no secret that when winter rolls around, Rochester is a cold place to live. And when the thermostat starts falling, your home is going to need to prepare more than just stockpiling blankets and firewood. For many homeowners across the region, one […]

Winterizing Your Tankless Water Heater

Toilet Flushing Problems Plumber Rochester NY
Are you currently experiencing a toilet flushing problem? There are different factors that could be responsible for weak or poor flushing. Toilets become inoperable from tree roots, foreign objects, full septic tanks or calcium build up in the toilet opening. Before you call us, here are a few tips you […]

Four Do-It-Yourself Tips for Toilet Flushing Problems

Clogged Pipe - Plumber Rochester NY
When planting those nice trees around your home years ago, you probably didn’t think of the impact they might have on your plumbing system. After years of growth, however, those same trees develop roots that could potentially grow under your slab foundation and create all kinds of clogs and stoppages. […]

Root Killer for Clogged Sewer Pipes?

toilet plumber rochester ny
Plumbing emergencies like a toilet running constantly or overflowing can really make a mess of your bathroom. Fixing a running toilet isn’t always easy for homeowners to accomplish on their own. While some people don’t mind trying to solve toilet issues themselves, others will defer to the recommendations of professional […]

What to Do with Toilet Running Issues

plumber parts rochester ny
Are you in need of repair parts for your plumbing project? Owners of older homes often experience challenges when it comes to replacing hard-to-find parts. Some plumbing fixtures can be difficult to find, particularly vintage and specialty parts not commonly found in major hardware store chains. If you own a […]

Three Sources of Plumbing Repair Parts

sump pump plumber rochester ny
If you’re concerned about potential flooding in your basement this spring, then you definitely want to consider backup pumps for your home. A sump pump keeps snow melt or rain from seeping around your foundation and into your home. The backup pump primarily functions as a support to the main […]

Why Homes Need Backup Pumps

Leaking Pipe Rochester NY Plumber
Leaking pipes are a major source of damage in homes and office buildings. Because of their ability to harm plumbing, walls, floors and ceilings, hidden pipe leaks must be located and repaired as soon after detection as possible. Often, homeowners do not know about leaks until it is too late; […]

How to Deal with Leaking Pipes

sewer backup
There’s nothing worse than sewage backing up into your home. Not only is it a rather smelly situation, but it also creates unhealthy conditions. Fortunately, arming yourself with a little plumbing knowledge can help you understand what conditions pose the most risk so that you can take preventative measures to […]

Are You Having Sewer Backups?

spring showers plumber rochester
When springtime brings the rain and snow melt, sump pumps really work hard. That’s why it is vital that you make sure your home’s sump pump is operating correctly. Any failure of operation during the great spring thaw can really mean problems. Because you count on them to remain operational, […]

Spring Showers May Bring Need for Sump Pumps

home gas lines pride plumbing plumber rochester
Working with gas lines takes expertise that many people do not have as part of their homeowner do-it-yourself repertoire. And that’s really with good reason. Gas line installation and repairs are tasks better left to experts. Leaks to gas line systems create dangerous conditions with the potential for carbon monoxide […]

What to Know about Your Home’s Gas Lines

Home Water Filtration System Pride Plumbing Rochester NY
Safe drinking water concerns lead many homeowners to purchase home water filtration systems. But, these systems provide more benefits that you might not realize including removal of bad tastes or smells that come from tap water. Makes Water Taste Better If you turn on the tap for a drink of […]

Benefits of Home Water Filtration Systems

If you’ve never heard of lot line cleanouts, you’re not alone. Many homeowners have no idea about the importance of maintaining these pipes that are so vital to proper functioning of plumbing systems. Other people find out about cleanouts when sewer water starts backing up into the home. Unfortunately, that […]

The Importance of Lot Line Cleanouts

Plumbing snakes bring extra drain clog fighting power that plungers are sometimes incapable of supplying. Plungers may be your go-to plumbing tool to handle clogs in your home’s sinks or toilets, but in some situations, a blocked drain doesn’t respond to plunging. That’s where a plumbing snake comes in handy […]

How to Use Plumbing Snakes to Unclog Drains

Neglecting your plumbing during the winter months may lead to frozen pipes and disastrous results. Frozen water in pipes creates excess pressure that ultimately cause plumbing lines to burst. Water leaking from compromised piping can not only damage your home but also create large water bills in a matter of […]

Protecting Your Home from Frozen Pipes

Just the thought of dirty dishes filling your sink probably keeps your dishwasher on full-time duty. But what happens when your appliance isn’t cleaning dishes properly or simply doesn’t run at all? The convenience of having to just load the dishwasher and let it handle all the hard washing work […]

Dishwasher Problems: When to Repair or Replace

Choosing kitchen faucets for your new home or remodel is as personal as the décor you select to display your unique sense of style. Long gone are the days where contractors and plumbers just install any old faucet. With such a variety of new technology and modern design in today’s […]

How to Choose Kitchen Faucets

The toilet is the one fixture in your home that is used the most frequently. But when it starts to leak, the mess and attention involved with jiggling handles and running water can really be a headache. Certain signs indicate when it might be time to call a plumber so […]

How to Keep Toilets Leak Free

Hot water heaters are responsible for a large percentage of home energy use. In fact, the water heater is usually the second biggest user of electricity in most households. Traditional water heaters continually run to keep water hot even when no one needs to use them. With electricity rates in […]

Benefits of Tankless Hot Water Heaters

A clogged drain always happens at the most inopportune time. Here are a few tips to keep you out of trouble for the next holiday party, when you are starring at a full kitchen sink that won’t go down. The time to act is when you first notice things are […]

Clearing a Clogged Drain