Arm Yourself With a Sump Pump and Flood Alarm, Before it’s Too Late

Alarms for Your Sump Pump Systems

Last month Pride Plumbing of Rochester installed a record number of sump pumps and backup systems for their customers in the greater Rochester NY area. Many of them for our loyal customers in Webster, Fairport, Pittsford and Penfield. On every install we make, we recommend the use of a sump pump alarm. We love it when folks from anywhere in Monroe and Ontario county call us to install a flood alarm because we know the chances of getting called back to repair damages from water in your basement are slim to none when you’re protected by a high water alarm. And while we look forward to providing the absolute best in plumbing service, we would much rather meet you under less watery circumstances!

A sump pump alarm, or a high water alarm as it’s sometimes called, isn’t complicated. It’s a device that attaches to your existing sump pump and is designed to alert you when there is a problem with your system. The alerts may be bright, flashing LED lights and/or a blaring alarm, or if you opt for a wireless alarm system, the alarm will notify you of a flood or problem via your smartphone, anywhere in the world you happen to be. How cool is that?! Those are the basics of a flood alarm. Read on for some specifics.

Arming Yourself

As we have said before, having a sump pump and a backup pump system in place is crucial for keeping a basement dry. Pride Plumbing of Rochester is a leading expert in sump pumps, backup pump systems and installation. But we also highly recommend the use of an alarm so you can be notified immediately if your pump has failed, your backup pump has been engaged, or your basement has begun taking water for some reason. There is no substitute for prevention and early detection when it comes to flooding, and with the technology available today these alarms are more functional than ever. Most any backup sump pump system can be fitted with an alarm.

Flood Alarm Protects Your Home From Rising Water

A standard sound alarm is just that: An alarm that sounds a horn or loud signal, coupled with bright flashing lights on the alarm panel. The alarm goes off when it senses water where it shouldn’t be, and because you are alerted immediately, you can quickly address the issue before it becomes a costly flood.

Zoeller Flood Alert Alarm

We install American made Zoeller Flood Alert alarms quite often for our customers who want to be alerted to water in their basement or any other potentially flood prone area. They operate on a sensor that is triggered by overflow from sump pump failure, toilets, dishwashers, broken pipes, air conditioning pans, bath tubs, laundry sinks, hot tubs and washing machines. They’re great protection not just for basements but for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or utility rooms as well.

Liberty Pumps ADC-1 Autodialer

There are also alarm systems that enable you to program emergency contact phone numbers into an auto-dialer. If the alarm senses water or a failure of some sort, pre-saved emergency numbers are called from the auto-dialer. This is a great option if you are often away from home and want to notify your plumber or neighbor to check on your home in case of emergency. They’re very popular with landlords as a way to remotely monitor rental property as well. Here are some alarm options from Liberty Pumps, including the auto-dialer.

A relative newcomer to the sump alarm scene is the wireless enabled alarm. Pride Plumbing installs and recommends the Liberty Pump NightEye alarm system. Liberty’s products are made right here in Bergen, NY. With their NightEye alarm you can know what’s happening with your sump system from anywhere in the world. Yes, we said in the world! NightEye is a cloud-based system that provides constant monitoring of your backup pump. If your backup pump has been activated, you will receive a notification on your smart phone no matter where you are. The Apple IOS and Android compatible app is free, and you can program up to 4 numbers that will receive text, email or push notifications in case of emergency. A single NightEye app can control multiple, separately installed alarms, and it can even let you know if the temperature in your home has dropped below a pre-set ambient temperature -meaning you can be notified of no heat before you get home from vacation to find your pipes frozen and your house at Arctic temps! You can test or silence your system remotely via your smart phone too.

Lake Ontario Flooding Rochester NY

Unparalleled Protection

Our friends living along the shores of Lake Ontario have been hit hard this year by lake water reaching levels that haven’t been reached in over 30 years. Many of these are vacation homes, which means there’s no one monitoring sump pumps or keeping an eye on water seeping into basements or living spaces. Having a properly installed sump pump and backup system with an alarm makes it easy to protect your home. Trust us, a flood alarm will be your friend if you own any home, but if your home sits near a lake, it’ll be your best friend!

During this historic wet, rainy Rochester NY spring, why take chances? Join the Pride Plumbing force sweeping neighborhoods all over Rochester! Call us today and let us give you an upfront quote on a professionally installed, state-of-the-art sump alarm system or flood alarm. You’ll be so glad you did! We are proud of our outstanding feedback on Google, and motivated to do our best for the communities we serve each and everyday. You can visit us on Facebook and we’re now also posting regularly on Instagram @PridePlumbingofRochester! Give us a follow and we’ll see you there!