Bathroom Fixtures – Toilet | Faucet | Sink

Mansfield logoWe take pride in our ability to repair or replace faulty toilets at a reasonable price! Our outstanding products and craftsmanship is second to none. Once we have inspected your toilet, we will provide you with a recommendation and a quote. We will either repair or replace your fixture based upon a series of factors. These include age and overall condition of toilet, as well as the particular problem. Our fully stocked trucks are full of replacement parts, so we will be able to repair your toilet on the spot. If we need to replace your toilet, you will find our selection is excellent.

Here are a few options we offer:

Summit Toilet

  • Quiet. One flush performance.
  • Round front
  • Taller tank (30-1/2”) provides maximum head pressure for a more powerful flush
  • High performance MagnaFlush II™ flushing system with 3” flush valve
  • Fill valve: Pilot operated, anti-siphon
  • Water usage: 1.6 gpf / 6.0 lpf
  • Water surface area: 10” x 8”
  • Water pressure range: 15 to 125 P.S.I.
  • Trap diameter: 2-1/8” glazed
  • Trap seal: 2-1/2”
  • Rough-in: 12”
  • Colors: White, Standard Colors: Biscuit and Classic Bone, Designer Colors: Black
  • Trip lever: #55 chrome plated, metal
  • Upgrade #55 trip lever finishes available in: Polished Brass, Brushed Chrome and Satin Nickel
  • Upgrade with an SB1100 SmartClose™ or SB1150 Primo™ toilet seat
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/ASME A112.192 and A112.19.6
  • Meets or exceeds Canadian Standards Association CSA B45
  • Outstanding protection – The Mansfield® limited lifetime warranty


Some of Our Available Brands:

American Standard Logo

No Plunge

Champion 4 flush system

Time to retire the plunger. Or find it a new job. American Standard has developed a line of toilets that no longer require a plunger. A virtually clog-free system. So everything leaves the bowl. Every time. Perfect for high-traffic bathrooms. Find the clog-free system in the Champion® PRO, which boasts the ability to flush 200 sheets of toilet paper.

Toto Logo

Gmax Logo

Gmax Toilet

It’s a scientific fact—gravity plus significant centrifugal force will spin most anything away efficiently. G-Max’s extra-wide 3” flush valve and  with G-Max’s powerful siphon jet, the system. G-Max is the industry benchmark for flushing performance with features like:

A larger 2-1/8” glazed trapway offers increased flow, drawing water into the bowl more quickly and then away more forcefully to prevent clogging.

A huge 3” flush valve creates a quicker, quieter, more forceful flush. An extra large siphon jet generates unmatched power for one-flush superiority to make sure what goes down stays down.

Faucet Leaks (Rochester Faucet Repair)

Sounds simple, but unless you have the proper tools, parts, experience, time and patience it isn’t. That’s why God made plumbers.

If you have a faucet or leak problem, do the math first before trying to repair it. Consider these factors and ask yourself these questions:

  • How old is my faucet?
  • Can I identify it? (Make and style)
  • Do I have the proper tools, and knowledge?

If the age of the faucet is more than 15 years old, strongly consider replacing it. The exceptions are:

  1. The faucet is a high end designer type costing hundreds and in a few cases thousands of dollars
  2. The faucet is installed embedded into a solid surface in such a way you would have to repair the damaged surface for replacement
  3. You love your faucet or it’s an antique and they don’t make them anymore. (It happens, we understand)

Notwithstanding if you have never done it before, it could become very time consuming and frustrating. Consider what your time is worth, gas back and forth to the big box store, and the bad advice you will be given from “the resident plumbing expert” who is a high school student working part time.

Getting back to the many reasons way replacement makes more sense in old faucets. Calcium and mineral deposits compound the disassembly, most often prying and wrenching destroys what finish you have left on the appliance. I’ve been on many repair jobs where you needed a hack saw just to remove the handles or fastening nuts below. Consider what the end result is going to be; a tired looking faucet that you might get a few more years of use out of it.

Bottom Line

Modern day faucets have many advantages to the old stem, washer and seat models of yester year. Pick a manufacture that has been around for a long time. This guarantees parts will be ready available if trouble happens down the road. The new internal cartridge designs make it possible for the average home owner to attempt a repair without getting into a nightmare situation. Remember; this is an appliance that you use many times every day, and count on to get the job done.