Water Filtration Rochester NY

water-filterAt Pride Plumbing of Rochester we offer Aqua-Pure® to our customers to ensure they have Safe Drinking water. Its not enough to just disinfect water to make it safe for drinking. There are chemicals left behind in this process like chlorine, as well as sediment, rust, lead from old solder pipes.


Aqua-Pure® uses a Carbon – adsorption, Absorption, chemical reaction to filter the water.


Blending carbon with other ingredients enhances the adsorption process to effectively reduce harmful chemicals like lead and hundreds of volatile organic chemicals, including many pesticides and herbicides.


Aqua-Pure® is an Undersink full flow system, that hides your new water filter system from plane site but keeps the system in an easy place for replacing the filters, designer dedicated faucets are also available.


Our plumbing customers can reorder replacement water filters directly through us.